[Android Studio Tutorial] @drawable – cannot resolve symbol

drawable cannot resolved android studio

Bismilahhirahmanirrahim ~ In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum & Hi !

I just want to share how i fix the problem of cannot resolve symbol @drawable.

I get stuck with the @drawable symbol, for me as a beginner.. its quite hard to remember the steps, so that, in case i would be forget, i share here.. Maybe one of you have the same problem. 


Error the red one in the picture with the bulb mentol

Step 1

Create new drawable resource file. You need new .xml for that drawable. 

Select resource file

name the file with .xml


write the code like this. And you will notice there still error because i’m do not have any image yet.

If you get error on android:showAction=”always” replace it with  yourapp:showAction=”always”

Step 2

Copy and paste image on drawable.

Copy image. 

Right click on drawable.


Make sure the image with .png file. 

Step 3: DONE



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