Chapter 9: Disciplinary Systems

Penalties in a Disciplinary System

For each time an employee commits misconduct he or she will be punished and the penalties will become increasingly severe each time until the ultimate punishment of dismissal is used. Below is the steps of penalties that might be used in a progressive disciplinary system.

  1. Oral warning
  2. First written warning
  3. Final written warning
  4. Suspension without pay
  5. Demotion or downgrading
  6. dismissal

Oral warnings – combined with a counselling session and documented.

Written warnings – human resource experts in the organization may prepare a warning letter template can be adapted according to the needs of each case.

Demotion/downgrading – will only be feasible in circumstances where the employee is in a graded job. A serious problem may occur such as sabotage and badmouth to the company, which may have a negative effect on co-worker’s morale.

Suspension without pay – employees can only be suspended without pay if there is a clause in their contract of employment giving the employer the right to impose this penalty.


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