Chapter 2: HRM Revision Questions

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For this section, i will share you a revision question in chapter 2.

  1. Explain some alternative options organisation have, instead of hiring new staff.
    • Offering short-term graduate internship programme
    • hiring temporary worker from an employment agencies
    • Offering overtime
    • re-organising the company structure
    • sharing among existing employees
    • promoting existing employee
    • asking part-time employee to consider for full time work
    • adopting flexible working time arrangement
  2. What are the issues and problems relating to recruitment & selection?
    • Nepotism – it is the hiring of family members or close friends to fill vacancies in an organisation
    • Employment of children – child labour is an abhorrent practice, not to be recommended in any circumstances. It is legal to employ children and young persons under the age 18 in Malaysia. However, most of laws prohibiting child labour do not prohibit children from helping out in a family business, especially if they learn business skills in this manner.
    • Hiring older workers – there is higher proportion of elderly people compared to the numbers of young and middle-aged.
    • Discrimination in recruitment and selection – the most prejudices relate to the gender, age, religion or race of a job applicant.
    • Employment of Foreigners –


  1. Human Resource Management Principles and Practices, third edition


The answers might different and varies.. you can refer to your lecturers. Thanks! =)

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