Chapter 5 – HRM Revision Questions

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For this section, i will share you a revision question in chapter 5.

  1. Explain time-related system and piece-work wage system.
    • Time -related system – wages are paid for a set period of work on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. A time-related system of payment is particularly suitable where there is no direct relationship between productivity and an individual’s performance.
    • Piece-work wage system – workers are paid according to number of units produced in a given time. A straight piece-rate system pays a certain amount for each item produced. The commission system is an example of payment by results.
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working overtime?
    • Advantages
      • more flexible workforce
      • increase earning for employees
      • ability to deal bottlenecks, busy periods, cover of absences and staff shortage without need to recruit new employees
    • Disadvantages
      • Increase cost – overtime rates of pay are higher than the normal rates
      • Effect on employee’s morale
      • Lowered productivity – the lengthy working hours lead to increase fatigue, which results more mistakes, more accidents, slower speed of work.
      • Effect on employee’s health – recent studies suggest that working regular overtime hours may cause various health problems, including depression.
  3. What are the problems caused by working shift work?
    • Women and night work –
    • Increase in costs –
    • Worker’s health and shift work –
    • Stress and phsyicological problems –




  1. Human Resource Management Principles and Practices, third edition



The answers might different and varies.. you can refer to your lecturers. Thanks! =)


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