Chapter 6: HRM Revision Question

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For this section, i will share you a revision question in chapter 6.

  1. Why do employers offer benefits to employee?
    • Help attract staff to join the organisation
    • Help retain existing employees
    • Increase the morale of employees which will lead to higher productivity
  2. Briefly explain the statutory benefits that must be provided to employees (statutory benefits).
    • Maternity protection (paid leave) – the law provides that every female employee is entitled to maternity leave for a period not less than 60 days for every confinement. During the maternity leave, maternity allowance is payable to the employee providing she has no more than 5 surviving children and she served to employer for a least 90 days before giving birth.
    • Time – off payments
      • A weekly rest day – section59 of the Employment Act stipulates that all employees are entitled to one rest day per week.
      • Public holidays – section 60 entitled all workers covered by the Employment Act to a minimum 11 paid gazetted public holidays per year. 5 of the holidays specific by Act and must include; National Day, The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Birthday, The State Ruler’s Birthday, Labour Day and Malaysia Day. The other 6 holidays choosen by employer.
      • Annual leave – An employee earns the right to apply annual leave after he/she has completed one year of service with organization. The Employement Act provides that paid annual leave shall as follows;
        • For service of less than two years – 8 days leave per year
        • For 2-5 years service – 12 days leave per year
        • For more than 5 years – 16 days leave per year
      • Sick leave – employees are entitled to paid sick leave, where no hospitalization is necessary, for 14 days per year if the worker has less than 2 years service, 18 days if his service between 2-5 years, and 22 days for those who have more than 5 years service. When employee needs to be hospitalized, he can take up to 60 days sick leave per year.



  1. Human Resource Management Principles and Practices, third edition



The answers might different and varies.. you can refer to your lecturers. Thanks! =)

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