Chapter 7: HRM Revision Questions

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For this section, i will share you a revision question in chapter 7.

  1. Explain the common health hazards faced by employees.
    • use of organic chemicals and toxic substances
    • fumes, dust and smoke
    • radiation
    • infection
    • noise and vibration
    • extreme temperature
  2. Explain the functions of safety committee.
    • Establishing policies on safety and health matters, including the setting of rules and regulations.
    • Conducting on inspection of the workplace, at least once in 3 months.
    • Investigating accidents and unsafe conditions and making recommendation to prevent similar occurrences.
    • Planning and executing safety and health awareness programs.
    • Recommending the purchase of suitable equipment, where relevant.



  1. Human Resource Management Principles and Practices, third edition


The answers might different and varies.. you can refer to your lecturers. Thanks! =)

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