Chapter 8: HRM Revision Questions

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For this section, i will share you a revision question in chapter 8.

  1. Explain the steps involved in Suggestion Scheme Process.
    • Worker write down idea – the first stage raises three questions which must be decided by management; what format should be used for the ideas?, which workers are eligible to submit ideas?, what category of suggestions is acceptable?
    • Worker submits idea – once the idea has been put in writing, it must be submitted for evaluation. Again, a number of issues need clarification, especially; what is the role of the supervisor at this stage, and how is the idea to be submitted.
    • The idea is evaluated – once idea has been received and an acknowledge or receipt issued, it should be passed to an evaluation committee as soon as possible.
    • Worker is informed of outcome – when the idea is implemented, the worker must be rewarded. The reward system is the key to successful suggestion schemes.
  2. Explain the following techniques of TQM:
    • 5s: Seiri, Seiso, Shitsuke, Seiton, and Seiketsu ?
      • Seiri – a preventive measure against waste and requires workers to distinguish between items which are needed and those which are not. The latter should be thrown away.
      • Seiso – requires that the workplace be kept spic and span by the workers themselves.
      • Shitsuke – leads to standardization and self-discipline amongst employees.
      • Seiton – helps to improve efficiency by ensuring objects are kept tidy. They are systematically arranged and therefore easy to retrieve.
      • Seiketsu – aims at maintaining a high standard of housekeeping.
    • Benchmarking ?
      • a useful tool in the struggle to improve and become better. Companies can compare their practices with other organizations in the same industry or economic sector as themselves. The Malaysia Productivity Corporation has organized a number of benchmarking groups in different sectors.
    • ISO certification ?
      • The International Standards Organization which is Malaysia is a proof that an organization has reached a particular standard, is provided by SIRIM QAS Sdn. Bhd. and a number of other agencies. When an organization is ISO certified, its customers know that the products or services by the organizations are trustworthy and reliable.



  1. Human Resource Management Principles and Practices, third edition




The answers might different and varies.. you can refer to your lecturers. Thanks! =)


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