10 Parenting Mistakes We Should Try To Avoid

Parenting Mistakes

Assalamualaikum & Hi

I just just found some quite interesting information about parenting.. I found it on Facebook.. I’m not sure the exact source to credit coz it was shared randomly. It is kind that when i think, ahhh.. this is seems true.

Here’s why it’s so important to affirm a child’s uniqueness and consider their wishes.

  1. If your child can’t stand up for themselves in difficult situations, it could be because you told him off in front of others. You should never do this, even in front of his siblings.
  2. If your child lies to you, it might be because you reacted too harshly to their previous mistake. 
  3. If you buy her everything she wants, but she always takes other kids’ toys, it means you don’t give her the right to choose.
  4. If a child is rude, it might be because they’re following the example of their parents or a family members.
  5. If your child doesn’t respect others, it might be because you tell her what to do without acknowledging her feelings.
  6. If your child is overly shy and indecisive, maybe it’s because you try to help him with things he could cope with on his own. 
  7. If your child often shows envy and jealousy, it might be because you compare her too often with someone else. 
  8. If a child is irritable and bad-tempered, it might be due to a lack of attention. She simply doesn’t know how else to be noticed.
  9. If your child is secretive and lacks trust, it might be because of your excessive irritability. 
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