Cyber Law: Libel & Slander

cyber law libel

Assalamualaikum & Hi !

Today I want to share my Cyber Law notes. Recently I found this notes in my old laptop. This notes is just for my reference because I always lost my notes. Therefore, it easy for me to search back my notes if I post here. So, I wonder if you guys also need this notes especially Unikl miit students, I think laaa..  Just to highlight that my notes are not 100% correct, and you guys need to refer your lecturer ok!


  1. Slander occurs when a person’s character has been defamed verbally.
  2. This includes spoken words, gestures, sounds, and even facial expressions.
  3. Slander is often difficult to prove as the action is not recorded in any way.



  1. Libel occurs when a person’s character has been defamed in written form.
  2. This includes permanent visual audio recordings, publication, and memos.
  3. Over the past several years, there has been a significant increase in libel cases as a result of the internet.
  4. Since most material communicated on the Internet can be classified as published (bulletin boards, e-mail, chat room etc) and has a degree of permanence, it is classified as libel and not slander.
  5. For example, the electronic communications, publications, e-mail messages are possible to instantaneously publish and transmit to millions of other online users worldwide. The potential for harm to one’s reputation can be significant if these message contain defamatory material. Complicating the issues is the fact that online users can communicate anonymously whether in chat rooms or in newsgroup.

This is my notes and not complete, might be incorrect or correct. You may refer to your lectures…
Thank you for reading.. Hope this note help you to make quick review for your subject..

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