Cyber Law: Domain Name

Domain Name

Assalamualaikum & Hi !

Today I want to share my Cyber Law notes. Recently I found this notes in my old laptop. This notes is just for my reference because I always lost my notes. Therefore, it easy for me to search back my notes if I post here. So, I wonder if you guys also need this notes especially Unikl miit students, I think laaa..  Just to highlight that my notes are not 100% correct, and you guys need to refer your lecturer ok!

Domain Name

  • A simple textual address by which anyone can find your host machine on the internet.
  • It can contain company name, brand name, trademark name or other type of name.
  • It contains a few components separated by dots.
    • [www] – hostname
    • [companyname] – third level domain name, registerd with MYNIC Registration servives
    • [] – country code second level domain name (ccSLD)
  • The third item which locates one website is a second level domain name
  • The top-level domain name which describes the purpose of the entity who owns the third level name and also representing the nations.


Advantages Having Domain Name

  • The domain name address, once obtained, may be utilized anywhere in the world. It may remain the same whenever one moves.
  • Domain names are truly international. It can be reached anywhere in the world.
    widely used in business because they are easy to remember and use.


This is my notes and not complete, might be incorrect or correct. You may refer to your lectures. Thank you for reading.. Hope this note help you to make quick review for your subject.




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