How My YouTube Channel got Demonetized and Re-monetized?

Assalamualaikum & Hi !

Today I want to share about youtube issues. Recently for few months, most of youtubers got demonetized whole channel and I really dont know what is going on. But it affects so many youtubers including me. What I know from others youtubers, YouTube are doing manually review for all channels including the channels that already in YPP (monetized).

So, in this entry I want to share with you guys my experience how I got monetized back. My previous video in youtube I already explained about this on my own language (malay) and maybe some of you dont understand my language so that I write (english) it on my blog.

Introduction – Why I do have YouTube channel?
To answer this, I started make videos on YouTube channel during my secondary school just for fun. I like edit videos even I do not know how to edit. Then, when I started continue study in university, I dont have time to make videos. I just made simple tutorial and sharing video sessions.

YouTube Demonetized
In december 2017, I just got my first monetization and unfortunately on September 2018 I got demonetized for this issues rised on YouTube. I received email on 27/09/2018 from YouTube that mention my channel is not eligible for monetize. Its hurt me, effects on my study because I really dont have money to pay for my study fees. I just depends on my channel. I need to reapply after 27/10/2018 (30 days after got first email from them). What cause my channel demonetized was “duplication/reuse content”. My channel wasnt approved for the first reapply on October 2018 after they done review on november 2018. Then I need to reapply again on november 2018 and wait 30days again on december 2018 for review. Overall about 4 months my channel got demonetized.

Here are some points I can share about what I do during my demonetized period in 4 months. Some of the points I’m not sure. But I hope my simple information and sharing will help you guys to get back your monetization ok!

Totally I replaced all music with free youtube audio library. You can find it here and I also delete some of my videos that I cannot totally replace the music. I have to, no choice. I also reviewed carefully all my videos that might be accidently have sound like from Tv or radio that also need to be replace and delete.

Visual & Written works
I also reviewed carefully all my videos that are accidently have symbols or painting or images or others that are copyright. I blurr it and some videos cannot blurr, I just delete it.

Video Description
For this point, I’m not so sure. But I just do it. I rephrase my video description properly.

Thumbnail, Link Affiliate, Unlinked 3rd Party
For this points, I’m not sure too. I just replace all thumbnail images with my own editing. I remove all affiliate’s link and unlinked all 3rd party links (exclude google link).

I lost eligible to contact with youtube creator team. So, I used twitter to communicate with them for my problems.

I think thats all. Maybe my points are not completely right because I do not know specific problems on this issues. You guys can search from others too OK! I hope my simple sharing and information will help you guys little bit to get back your monetization. THANKS!!!

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