Tutorial Get Current Latitude & Longitude Android Studio 2017

Latitude and Longitude android studio 2017

Firstly, you must adjust some codes for androidmanifest.xml to make permission for internet and location to detect your latitude and longitude. AndroidManifest.xml Then, design your activity_main.xml. You can refer my video or design yourself. Make sure your variable is same. Proceed with activity_main.java, here is the code:

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Android Studio: UI Layout


Bismilahhirahmanirrahim ~ In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful Layout Attributes android:id ID which is uniquely identify the views android:layout_width width for layout android:layout_height height for layout android:layout_marginTop extra space on the top of side of layout android:layout_marginBottom extra space on the bottom side of layout android:layout_marginRight extra space on…

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[Android Studio Tutorial] How to Get Date & Time

Android Studio tutorial

Asslamualaikum & Hi Ini sekadar nota saya, in case saya lupa.. so saya record untuk rujukan semula. Mungkin ada juga yg mencari-cari tutorial yang sama boleh la SHARE, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE =) Share, Like & Subscribe   MainActivity.java     build.gradle (Module: app)


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